Friday, February 17, 2012

Goodbye, 30POV?

From what my editor says, the site I work for, 30POV, is done for good. I'm not too happy about it, but this was my first experience as a "writer", "blogger", "printed asshole", etc, so I don't know how these things roll. Maybe 2-3 years is the normal lifespan for the average blog site? A lot of us regulars seemed to either be flaking, busy, or burning out, myself included. Regardless, I am happy with the work I did there, and my plan right now is to transfer the pieces over to this blog. Even if I get zero hits here, they will at least still be somewhere. In my own amateurishness, I didn't keep copies of any of my work on my computer anywhere. So if that site disappeared tomorrow, I'd be out all my work. Live and learn.

Oh, and I am still unemployed. I could expand on that a lot, and I will, at some point. But until then, I am still collecting unemployment and making ends meet selling everything I own on eBay.

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